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V.I.P. Fit Gear


V.I.P Fit Gear

Athletic Wear

Promoting, empowering, and supporting Women's Health and Wellness.


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Athletic Wear! 

Our brand is now a representation of community. It's a representation of being full circle. It's a representation of feeling connected and strong, no matter the background or adversary you may have faced previously. It's a representation of our message – we are all strong. No matter your walk of life, your background, your sport (if you even do a sport) – we all have our own version of strength.

New flavors for me and they are SOOOOOO

Exceptional Supplements & Vitamins
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Amazingly delicious, pure, clean supplements and vitamins! Non-GMO! We also have Vegan products! 
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Pioneer innovative and attainable mobility products that transform our lives by revolutionizing how we ride.


Comfortable Athletic Wear 
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Kintasin was created for the sole purpose of bringing together new and exclusive products. We endeavor to be constantly engaged, maintaining close ties to designers and trend setters.

Amazing Products: Projects
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